Shop for Less: Studded Flat Shoes

Hello Girlssss .. 
i was thinking for something new for my blog an idea to write about it.. since I'm a lil bit saver when it comes with " Brands " and when i say brands i mean a high budget ones! i buy the stuff that look similar but with " Less money"..yeah i do that sometimes
i'll name it "Shop for Less" & this is my new post about it hope you like it and if you want me to do more please do let me know.

اهلين بنات ..
كنت افكر في شي جديد للبلوق فكره جديده اكتب عنها.. وبما اني شوي اقتصاديه في موضوع "الماركات" ولما
اقول ماركات اقصد اللي مرره تكون غاليه ! احيانا اشتري اشياء تشبه لها بس بآقل سعر
راح اسميه "تسوق بسعر أقل" وهذي اول بوست في الموضوع هذا اذا حابين اسويها في المرات الجايه قولولي.

  Studded Flats shoes from "Christian Louboutin" costs about $1,295 
ستاتيد فلات شوز من "كريستيان لوبوتان" بسعر تقريبا $١،٢٩٥

The exact same i got it from "TopShop" for $56 
نفس الشكل من" توب شوب" بسعر ٥٦  


  1. I love you shoes! And what a great deal! I am happy to join your blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?

  2. I also have these Topshop shoes - aren't they amazing!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Sunday Hun xoxo

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