SunSignature Tattoos

A Saudi talented female  Raghad Al Sharif , Graphic designer student Created 
"SunSignatured Tattoos" the First tan stickers to be made.

Each time you go out into the sun, Paste this tanning sticker on the same spot.when you finish from tanning just remove the sticker you will see a virtual tan tattoo on your untanned skin
They will leave an image of the sticker on your body that didn't get tan. Pretty simple huh??? I guess its better then a permanent tatoo and will normally fade within a week or two depending on how often you do it.

I had the chance to ask her a few questions ..

- How did you came up with the idea?
I was really bored and researching for tattoos designs, I really wanted to get one but couldn't .. so out of the sudden I had this crazy idea of designing one of the tattoos I liked on a sticker then stick it before tanning! So after I would get the tattoo as a tan line on my skin!

-  What about the Brand name,the Logo ..?
I came up with a name which is " Sun Signature Tattoos "
Then designed the logo because I'm a Graphic Designer, along with that I designed the package and wrote the instruction on the back of it. 
After that came the production of the stickers, from the designs to the photoshoots.

-When was launching ur first collection?
On may 19th, and I sell online by taking the orders and send them via DHL or with my friends.

They have a lot of cute designs , and u can get to choose ur Zodiac sign signatured on your skin! How awesome is that! 
here are some of there Collection signs 

Tan this summer with a unique signature on!

To Place an order Contact them on

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  1. these is new category of tattoos designs i came across . any how these tattoos are really hot