Trend of the Louboutin Mani?

Trend of the Louboutin mani? What exactly is this trend you may ask?
Well it’s the “classic Louboutin look” on your finger nails! yes it's 
not too much expensive as the shoes brand lol ..

Inspired by the one and only Christian Louboutin, came the new idea
 of a Louboutin mani featuring his famous Red sole.

 موضه مناكير لوبوتان؟ ايش نقصد فيها؟
هوا منظر لوبوتان الكلاسيكي على اظافرك! نعم ومو غالي مثل الجزم..
استوحوها من المصمم كريستيان لوبوتان المشهور بتصاميم الجزم اللي من تحت لونها احمر.

How to do it : 
- You will definitely need to have long nails to try this look out!
- Black Nail polish on the Tops of your nails, Red on the Underside.
طبعا راح تحتاجي اظافر طويله لتضبطيها - 
 مناكير اسود على الاظافر، ومناكير احمر على طرف الاظافر من جوا - 

VOILA!!! Sexy, Glossy Louboutin nails!!


We've Seen At the Grammy’s, Adele had a Loub mani with a twist, opting for a Sparkly Silver on top.

Pictures taken from BeautyLish.com

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